Having eaten the fruit, the body of knowledge is exiled once again from paradise. That original utopian landscape in holy communion will be transformed into misery, death, sin, and crisis.

Oh tragical destiny! How many abandonment has left God father to his sons, and in his place, how many spiritual poverty.  From now on man’s disobedience will serve as law and his surrounding institutions will determine his destiny.

To which mistake obeys this transformation? How to explain this turning into crisis? And thus, what does humanity represent in all of this?

Conceiving the separation from God father, Adam prepared himself to re-construct the garden of Eden. This game that in the beginning consisted in escape started to give shape to an misbalanced order of nature; he let himself to be tempted by crime and evil reigned over God’s law.

– Eve’s chronicle –

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This project started in an artist residency in Assisi Italy where I used the literary, religious and cultural landscape to propose a project unveiling an Inner Land-scape.

Being on-site, I ended up concentrating in the region’s literature; reason why, the concept of paradise was important.  This concept, has permeated different cultures and moments of mankind. And so, it made me reflect on how paradise is present nowadays. Therefore, I decided to record myself doing gestures, performing or playing with the narratives I found in the landscape. It was through the failure of all my hopes and fears; i.e. walking in the darkness, falling from steep hills, climbing up a tree, that reenacting this memory of paradise was only possible.

The results of this project were socialized in an art gallery in Bogotá as part of the socialization process of the international circulation scholarship from the Colombian Ministry of culture in the year 2012.

Ever since, these videos and the video installation have travelled to national and international video festivals.