Divergencia arises from an incorporation of a symbolic violence generated by the distribution and massive accumulation of images that saturates us, that we ignore and that we defend by the denial of the relationships underlay behind them:  Because our consumption is “right”.

Divergencia is an awakening of a crisis that starts with our decisions after having a “new nature” crammed body.  That’s why we need to be critical and confront images to be able to reveal and revolt against alienating reality systems.

This project was exhibited in different ways (IMAGES & VIDEOS, Scroll down)

In 2009 there were different interventions in the Module 7 (building) from the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. This occupied each of the 7 floors in the following ways:

– Brown.ie – Brown.ie – Neon sign in a quick service restaurant.
– Anforguettable – Glass reflective sign and sound installation in the elevator.
– And I just thought… – Video installation.
– La actualidad ilustrada – Ready-made, appropriation to the work of Beatriz Gonzalez.
– All in its place – Photography and reflective vinyl.
– Rice and white powder – Reflective glass and powder Installation.
– Window IKEA signs – Installation with vinyl signs over the windows.
– Cenefa – Offset Posters.

In the 2011 participated in an art residency and exhibition called UN LLAMADO in the Colombian caribbean, a University artists retrospective of graduates from 1976 – 2011 called Catalejo and in Brazil made part of an Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro with a curatorship from Santiago Rueda.

Public Space interventions with:

– Divergencia Flag – Flag 3m x 1.80m.
– Cenefa – Offset posters.
– Quemando tiempo (killing time) – Performance/drawing with blowtorch, and video instalación.