After an introduction to the history of forced labor at the former concentration camp Buchenwald, and additional exploration into the complementary topic of invisible labor, the artists undertook programs of individual research, in the form of theoretical study, practical investigation, and performative/visual experimentation. As part of this ongoing process, a number of participating artists staged interventions on Weimar Bus line 6, which travels from the Innenstadt to the Buchenwald memorial.

WORK poses questions about borderlines: between visible and invisible, public and private, between reverberating past and chaotic present. It tracks patterns of industry and effort across space and time. Here, you will find labor considered as a means of production – but also as a performance, as an absurdity, as a means of finding balance, and as something which is often secret, obscured, hidden from view.

The pieces displayed in this exhibition catch the artistic process of the MFA students at all phases of their WORK – some projects have reached completion, while others are glimpsed at a single moment along an extended artistic journey that has opened up as a result of the intense thematic investigations.